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Rosacea & Vascular Overview

Rosacea is a very common condition affecting from 1-20% of the population. In the United States, about 14 to 16 million Americans have rosacea, although the symptoms are treatable. Rosacea is a flushing and blushing due to the appearance of veins in sun-exposed areas of the face. This redness can often be partnered with pimples, and most commonly generalized by redness. The cause of rosacea is sun-exposure in people that are genetically pre-disposed to produce extra facial veins when responding to sunlight. 

Rosacea & Vascular Treatment

In most cases, rosacea can be dramatically improved with as little as 2-4 treatments. Specific treatments can vary depending on; your age + overall health status, extent of the rash, your tolerance for medicines, expectations, and your preference. The goal of the treatment is to control the symptoms associated with rosacea. This can be done with laser therapy at Laser Skin Center of Garnet Valley! 

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Rosacea & Vascular Treatment Pricing


$ 199 / month
  • Package of 3 Sessions ($60 savings)
  • Package of 5 Sessions ($150 savings)
  • Package of 8 Sessions ($322 savings)

Frequently Asked Questions

The main cause of vascular rosacea comes from direct sun light. This is visually noticeable right away by looking at the areas of the face affected by the redness; cheeks, nose, chin, & forehead. This can be minimized by using protection such as sun screen. 

Typically most patients require two to four treatments to get rosacea minimized or under control. Depending on how severe the condition is, more treatments may be necessary. 

Typically speaking, treatments are administered four to six weeks apart. 

To prevent vascular rosacea, your best defense is continual application of sun protection spray or lotion. It is suggested that every one uses sun screen throughout their daily life, although it is much more recommended for those with rosacea conditions. 

Following laser treatment, most people stop using AHAs for a few days. Mild moisturizers & cool compresses can be used after laser treatments to reduce swelling. 

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